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The Ultimate Door Wedge

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Door Chock - A term used in the fire service used to describe a tool that is used to hold open or not allow a door to close. The Magnetic Chock takes the process to another level.

The Magnetic Chock was designed by a firefighter/paramedic. The chocks were quickly discovered to work well in many other professional environments. They included but are not limited to Police, Security, Task Force, Moving Crews, Hotel Crews, Maintenance and Engineering. We’ve even sold chocks to individuals using them at home.

The Magnetic Chock was originally designed to be used on the strike plate of the door jamb. This allowed for easy application and high visibility. The second generation of the chocks allowed the user to apply the chocks in many different locations including over the hinge pin. The middle magnet was designed to stick to the top of the hinge pin, securing the chock and holding the door in the open position.

The Magnetic Chock can be placed over the catch on the strike plate and will prevent the door from closing or latching shut.

-  If the jamb is made of wood, or another non-metalic material, the magnets are measured to attach to the screws on the strike plate.    

- On metal jambs The Magnetic Chock may be used anywhere along the jamb, including over the catch on the strike plate.

- The Magnetic Chock easy access into buildings, apartments or rooms, while still allowing the door to close 98% of the way.
The Magnetic Chock is SAFE, SECURE and SIMPLE.

SAFE - Because we use magnets, the chocks will not become dislodge when others use the door. This is a common problem with other forms of chocks or wedges. The chocks are clearly marked with a high visible label that lets others know the door is being held open for a reason.

SECURE - The Magnetic Chock uses super strong magnets that keep it in place while insuring that the door remains open for other crews.

SIMPLE - The Magnetic Chock is simple to use. Just place the chock on the jamb/hinge as you open the door and be on your way. No more kicking a wedge to make sure it stays.

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Keeps door from shutting!
Great for Hotels!
Great for Cleaning Crews!
Great for Moving Crews!
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Do You Need
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