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Magnetic Chock is the premiere supplier of magnetic door chock wedges that allows all types of doors to remain partially open for access by firefighters, EMT and cleaning crews.

Firefighter, Moving Crew, EMT Door Opening Chocks, Wood, Plastic Door Jamb Wedges

Magnetic Chock is a supplier and distributor of magnetic door chocks offering a safe, simple and secure method to keep doors ajar for firefighters, EMT, cleaners and movers.

The Magnetic Chock was designed to be used on the strike plate of the door jamb for ease of installation and high visibility. The combination version of the Magnetic Chock also gives the user the ability to chock the door open by using the chock on the hinge side of the door. The middle magnet was designed to stick to the top of the hingepin, securing the chock and holding the door in the open position.

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